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Google and Yahoo! Email changes

Who has made the changes?
Announced in October 2023 to be implemented in February 2024 were changes made by two of the biggest email providers in the world, Google and Yahoo, to “improve the quality of emails received” and improve security.

Google and Yahoo account for a massive market share of email accounts that will receive emails on the internet – over 27.5%. If you are a business sending bulk emails then there are now changes required to ensure and improve the deliverability of your emails to Gmail and YahooMail accounts.

What are the changes?
From February 2024, bulk senders of emails will need to:
– Authenticate their email with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC technologies
– Enable easy, one-click unsubscription in every email sent
– Reduce unwanted emails in users’ inboxes

However, don’t worry – BuddyCRM is ready to step in and help make your marketing email process fit-for-purpose in the changing world of technology.

How can BuddyCRM help?
When onboarding customers with our new marketing suite, we will work with your domain or email provider to handle everything required to ensure you meet all technological compliances, maximising deliverability and ROI. The BuddyCRM solution is robust and proven in ticking all boxes for SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Our Customer Success team are email marketing experts, with over 15 years experience and will work with you to get this setup quickly and easily – it’s a doddle.

Your BuddyCRM Marketing Suite email designer includes a copy-and-paste unsubscribe module to add to your marketing emails. This implements a one-click unsubscribe button that communicates directly with the BuddyCRM database to unsubscribe contacts in the CRM solution. No longer will you have to spend hours manually managing multiple unsubscribe lists in all of your different
applications – one source of data, one truth, one solution with BuddyCRM.

BuddyCRM provides all the organisational tools to manage your contact list to ensure that you are only contacting customers or prospects with genuine interest in your emails, including opt in and out features, tags for cataloguing important information about the contact, and different stages of qualification of leads. With our AI sales coach, BuddyCRM can coach you to improve your marketing email content to ensure that you are hitting the mark with your target audience and delivering maximum return on investment.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your CRM marketing today, please contact the team on support@buddycrm.com.

Updated on June 5, 2024

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