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How to … Auto Schedule Activity

To auto schedule an activity following the close of an opportunity follow this process: On your home screen select Admin > Customisation > Auto Schedule Activity.

select auto schedule activity menu item in BuddyCRM

This example will show how to auto schedule a call once an opportunity has been closed.

To do this select Call from the dropdown menu. Fill in the applicable data for the task as shown below. In our example, a call is scheduled on the 28th of the month for the record owner to keep in touch with the prospect. With Activity Owner, you can select to have the owner as who is logged in or another team member from the dropdown menu. Once you’re finished, select the save icon at top right.

auto schedule a call in BuddyCRM

On save, a notification will be shown and your activity will move into the list below.

see scheduled activities in BuddyCRM

So now when you close an opportunity as you normally would…

opportunity closed window in BuddyCRM

The call window to remind you to make a call will automatically appear.

This is where you can set a reminder when you want to.  For example in six months’ time to contact a client again to see how they are with their service, keep in contact and potentially therefore gaining future business by staying in contact.

schedule courtesy call shown in BuddyCRM

Updated on May 21, 2018

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