Adding Activity within your Record card is crucial, this will show on your Home page and Calendar module for specific actions which are required for the client. You can add Calls, Appointments and Tasks to a Record card.  There are two ways you can add an Activity, the Plus icon which is static throughout BuddyCRM or the Calendar Module itself.

When selecting the Plus icon the below view will then show. Click on the relevant Activity you wish to add to BuddyCRM, fill in the relevant details and select Save.

This will then show against the relevant Lead or Account. To add Activity from the Calendar module, click on the date you want the Activity to be set. You will then see the below, select the Activity required and complete the relevant details.

This will then show against the Record card also.

Some times you may need to Re-schedule a Call. To do this, simply click on the Phone Icon next to the company name. Amend the date to suit your needs and complete the Re-schedule reasons as below, then click Save.

The Activity will then be saved next to the Record card and will show in the Homepage when it is due.

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate the BuddyCRM Support team. Details on how to do so are in our ‘Still Need Assistance’ area.




Updated on October 29, 2019

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