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As part of the new reports area BuddyCRM have built a way for you to store all your reports. Here you can create folders, hide folders, delete folders, rename folders and sort the list of folders so you have your reports the way you want them.

To see all reports, select the folder “All reports”

As a user you can create a new folder by pressing the plus button and fill in the name of the folder and add a description if you wish as shown by the pictures below.

To add reports in to your new folder, on the report main screen, select the reports you want to add and then use the drop down under “Move reports” and select the folder you want the reports moved to.

Click the boxes next to the report you want to move, and select the folder you want to moves these too…in this case we have chosen the folder “Martin”

Using the folder search bar, “Martin” will return the folder and will show the reports we have added to this folder

To hide the folder or edit the name, clik on the settings cog and you can re-name the report.

This screen will appear, make the changes you need and press “Update”

Updated on November 1, 2018

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