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Why won’t my Records Upload – Quick fixes to common issues

Uploading lists of accounts, leads or contacts en-masse can be a daunting process. If at all unsure, we encourage you to ask for help via support@buddycrm.com. However, here are some common issues that you can face and how to fix them. Most relate to excel and having a good knowledge of excel is always useful!

1. Commas or Apostrophes. These cannot be in the CSV document or it will not load. Remove by doing a quick replace (Ctrl+H in excel)

2. Save as a CSV, not XLS or XLSX. ┬áIf using a Mac then please select “CSV (Windows Comma Delimited)”

3. Only have as many columns in the CSV as you intend to upload, remove any extras before you start

4. Ensure that all Mandatory fields are mapped – for example for Accounts, the following are needed: Owner, Company Name, Contact Title, Contact First Name, Contact Lastname, Account Profile, Rating, Lead Source and Contact Frequency

5. If uploading new records, only one contact can be uploaded when creating a Lead or Account. To add more, first create the Account or Lead with the primary contact and then use the Contact CSV upload to add the extra contacts

6. If updating records or contacts, ensure you have the ACC# or CONTACT# number in the CSV so Buddy knows where to put the data

7. If uploading a lot of data, it will be paged into batches of 100 automatically. You will need to validate and save each page to upload, not just the first page

90% of the preparation is done in Excel. Taking the time means your BuddyCRM database will be clean and lovely to use!

Updated on May 21, 2018

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