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Introduction to Quote Module

The Quote Module in BuddyCRM is a fantastic tool to send clients professional quotations with a list of your own Products. The Sales team can also track how much they are making from the potential deal and also attach to Opportunities.

To go to the Quote Module select the Quote Icon from the Buddy bar.


This will then bring you to the main page where it shows all existing quotes. Depending on your Permissions you will be able to see all the teams or your own quotes.  You will be able to view the value of the Quote, Download and Delete from this Area by selecting the bin icon. Search a Quote number or name.

You can sort what you see by Owner, Company Name, Record Type or Quote number etc by clicking the arrows next to the headers in the table.

You can also Download a Quote to send to your clients via email or print there and then. Simply Click on Download from the main quote page and select what you would like to view on the Quote.



If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate the BuddyCRM Support team. Details on how to do so are in our ‘Still Need Assistance’ area.



Updated on July 29, 2019

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