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How to… Use Tags

Tags are a flexible tool for segmenting and managing your data within BuddyCRM, both at Company and Contact level.

You can use Tags for many different purposes – some examples used by our customers include:

1. Highlighting Pipeline statuses above and beyond existing segmentation

2. Marking records for specific telephone campaigns or focus

3. Managing renewal dates

4. Highlighting contact roles within an organisation, i.e. Decision Maker, or their departments

and many more… contact us to discuss if you want any more help or suggestions.

To create and edit Company tags, you need to open up the Account or Lead record you wish to tag. In the top left hand part of the record card, you can see the tag box.

how to add a tag to your record card in BuddyCRM

Click the  icon to open a box to type your tag. Add your text and click the  icon again to save it. The tag will appear below ‘Record Tags’ – In this example ‘Farming’ has been added as a tag.

image of a tag having been added to your record card in BuddyCRM

Providing you have edit rights, you can click on the tag icon and then click into the tag box and type the text you wish to tag with.

To remove tags or add tags already in your database, click the  icon. A box will appear showing all the tags assigned to this record. You can delete them by pushing the ‘x’ to the immediate left of a tag.  Pushing the  icon will save your amends.


To add a tag to a contact, this is done when editing the contact – the same type of tag box appears at the bottom of the edit popup.

You can analyse tagged records a number of ways. Firstly through the MailChimp link to use these tags to build segments within your MailChimp account. For more information on that, search “mailchimp” on this support portal.

In addition, you can access tags via multiple reports. Notable reports to access company tags include “Record List by Field Selection” under general reports. “Contact Report” under contact reports allows you to access contact tags.


Updated on May 21, 2018

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