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How to setup your MailChimp Link

We hope you are ready for the world of linking your CRM database and your e-mail marketing solution. BuddyCRM allows you to configure a daily transfer of your data to Mailchimp. The setup process involves a number of steps – down to the Mailchimp process, not ours we hasten to add!

Firstly, you need to login to your Mailchimp and click on Account Settings


Click on Extras and then select API keys. We need your API key to authenticate BuddyCRM with MailChimp.


Create an API Key and it should be shown as below.


Go to BuddyCRM and click on SETTINGS in the ADMIN menu. Go to the EMAIL PACKAGE INTEGRATION option and choose MailChimp

In the ADMIN menu select the DATA MANAGEMENT option and choose MAILCHIMP

At the top, click the ACTIVE button to turn on the link

Then, please copy and paste your API key from MailChimp to BuddyCRM and press SAVE

Now we have established an authentication, we now need to tell BuddyCRM which MailChimp list to put the data in. So, create a list in MailChimp (whatever name you want). Once created, click on the list and choose Settings. Choose List name & defaults.


On the right hand side of the page that loads, you will see the List ID as shown below


Copy this and paste it to the MAIN LIST page of the MAILCHIMP setup of BuddyCRM

Almost there! We now need to tell MailChimp which fields you want to import from BuddyCRM. This is hugely beneficial as it means you can segment the data based on fields of BuddyCRM. You can segment your e-mail shots based on Clients, Prospects or by Industry or Job Role, for example.

To do this, click on the list you have just created and choose Signup forms. Then click on General Forms.


Now go to BuddyCRM and click on FIELDS and tick all the fields you want to form part of the data transfer.

All fields are categorised by “lead”, “account” and “contact”.

When you select a field value, you will need to enter a field tag. For example, “Budget Year Start Date” could be shortened to “BYSDATE”.

Note that e-mail is sent automatically but all others need to be selected.


Now we need to tell MailChimp about these fields so go back to your Sign-up forms setup. Click on Add a field and then on Text


Make sure the Field Tag matches the Tag shown on the field page of MAILCHIMP setup in BuddyCRM. Choose Hidden in the field visibility section and click save. Repeat this for each of the fields you have selected to transfer across. Tip: If you click on the text option in add a field multiple times quickly it will create a number of fields for you to edit to make it quicker!Mailchimp8

Phew – it took a little which but now everyday at around 1am GMT, your list will be updated automatically!

You will also now be able to view Open and Click details for each Account or Lead on that record card!

Updated on May 28, 2019

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