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Introduction to the Record card

The Record card in BuddyCRM gives a full picture of that account. You can view company details, contacts, your history with this account and sales amongst other things.

You can access the Record of a company by clicking on their name when displayed. This can either be from an item displayed on the front page, in the Calendar, or from the Companies displayed in search results.

how to access the record card of a company in BuddyCRM

Alternatively, click the Companies icon in the Buddy Bar and the records you have dealt with most recently will appear at the top. Select a company name to take you to their record card.

companies shown in search results in BuddyCRM


Alternatively, you can use the Search function to search for a specific record (see ‘How to…Search BuddyCRM‘).

When you have selected the record you wish to view, the record card will appear.

record card shown in BuddyCRM


Updated on May 21, 2018

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