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Introduction to Manager

There is nothing worse than for sales managers (or Directors) having to trawl through calendars or individual records to find out what their team has been up to.

Therefore, in BuddyCRM, there is a dedicated portal for the Manager to get up to speed on the activities of their entire team. Access this by clicking on the manager icon in the Buddy Bar.

The initial Dashboard page gives a snapshot of the activities in users calendars for Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and the next 7 days. Added to this they can also see any Past activities that team members may have forgotten to complete.

You can also view a snapshot of sales performance by clicking on the icon in the top right 

This will then give you an overview of the key performance indicators for your sales force

To return to the diary over view, click on the icon in the top right hand corner 

At the top of the screen are more menu items to look at more detail of sales team performance such as Activity and Sales KPIs



Updated on June 19, 2018

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