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Introduction to Cases

Select the Cases icon from the Buddy Bar in BuddyCRM.


Your summary of cases will appear under six categories.


The six categories as seen above are:

  1. List Open assigned to me – this includes any cases that have not been dealt with but have been assigned to you
  2. Longest Open – the cases that have been open the longest and have not been resolved
  3. Cases CC to me – any cases that someone else thought you should be aware of, even if you do not have complete responsibility for resolving the cases
  4. List Open for records I am able to view – A list of any open cases for records that you have access rights to
  5. Case for records belonging to me – any existing cases for your records, whether created by you or not
  6. List recently viewed – any cases that you have recently accessed
Updated on June 15, 2018

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