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How to… Share your Calendar

In order to share your calendar, open up the CALENDAR menu by pushing the icon in the Buddy Bar.

On the top right hand side of the calendar, next to “Live Activities”, you will see the SHARE button.

If you click on it, the popup below will appear. Drag any user that you wish to share your calendar with from the left to the right hand side. You can select with the tick buttons as to whether you want simply give VIEW or VIEW & EDIT permissions to that user. Should I click on this will turn to green  and that user will also be able to edit my calendar.

Once you have finished giving rights to users, click the share button at the bottom of the popup.

In the top left hand side of the calendar, there is a drop down. Any calendars that have been shared with you will appear here. To view, click on the username and press the refresh icon. Administrators automatically get to see all users calendars.

Once selected, the calendar will appear. A user with VIEW ONLY rights will not be able to edit or move activities. Users with EDIT rights have full rights.

If you need any further support, e-mail support@buddycrm.com

Updated on June 20, 2018

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