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How to… PAL Search in BuddyCRM

A PAL search uses the underlying Buddy Query Language to perform a search. Using it enables you to perform more complicated searches with many parameters. ie. find all companies in Lichfield owned by Adam.

First click on the PAL logo button to start PAL. The search box will shrink and PAL turns purple to indicate it is operating.


In search box type: “OwnerName = “Adam Hannath”



Then press the search icon, the magnifying glass, and your results will be shown. As in normal search you can filter the results to show just the company, contact, opportunity or cases you are looking for. In our example, 454 records have been found in total – 223 in companies, 226 in contacts and five in opportunities.


As in standard search, you can determine the fields displayed in search results by clicking the cog settings icon in the top right of the search result. A popup screen will display and allow you to change the fields shown. Ensure you push the update button to save your new configuration.

Remembering the field names for your PAL search can be difficult, so we have a prompting system in operation. Start your PAL query then push spacebar in the search box. A dropdown will display with all the field names available to you. Scroll to the correct field name and click it.


Continue your PAL search by pushing space bar after each selection. The drop down will prompt you for the likely action. For example after CompanyName is chosen, push space then the dropdown will show =, != (not equal) and LIKE (a fuzzy search operator, which will look inside the field). Once you’ve selected your operator, push space again and Buddy will prompt you with the likely results for that field.

Combine two search queries together by typing AND or OR between them. In the next example, we’ll look for all industry type of logistics AND owned by Adam. The results are shown below.


To save time you can save your PAL query and use it again in future. In the example below, we are looking for all leads that came from an exhibition. This is likely to be a query we use often in future so we’d like to save it. Click the Save PAL button and type a suitable name for the search. Click Save Pal again and a notification box will appear to confirm the save.


The query is saved and can be accessed in future by clicking the down arrow.


To add an additional query to the result, click into the search box and continue your PAL query. Below, we’ve added to our event leads with the query of city = Birmingham. Click Update PAL to save over the top of the existing query. Type in your new name for the query and click Update PAL again.


update your PAL query in BuddyCRM

Powerful search results can be accomplished using PAL. If you need help, please call the support desk or email support@buddycrm.com


Updated on June 15, 2018

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