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How to…Create a New Case

Select the Cases icon from the Buddy Bar in BuddyCRM.

Your summary of Cases will appear. Click


You will be taken to a page where you can fill out all the details of your case. You can assign the case to another person within your company and you can CC another member of your team so that they become aware of the case.


When you have completed this form, click


This will save your case and will appear in your Cases summary.

You can link your case to a particular product. This can be useful if, say in the the future you wish to run a report on the number of cases linked to a particular product. The product you wish to select must be set up in your product database  (See How to…Add to a Product).

Begin by typing a product into the Linked Products field and this will automatically generate a list that matches the criteria of your entry. In the example below, I started to type ‘Development’ and the relevant results were given. Select the one you wish to use and this will be saved against this case.



Updated on June 15, 2018

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