Introduction to Admin

We have done our best not to make the ADMIN area boring but it does deal with some mundane stuff, even if vitally important.

Read through the supplementary articles to find out how to add users, customise fields, set access privileges and much more.

When you are a BuddyCRM administrator – this is the place to start. Any questions, please email us at

How to … Auto Schedule Activity

To auto schedule an activity following the close of an opportunity follow this process: On your home screen select Admin > Customisation > Auto Schedule Activity.

select auto schedule activity menu item in BuddyCRM

This example will show how to auto schedule a call once an opportunity has been closed.

To do this select Call from the dropdown menu. Fill in the applicable data for the task as shown below. In our example, a call is scheduled on the 28th of the month for the record owner to keep in touch with the prospect. With Activity Owner, you can select to have the owner as who is logged in or another team member from the dropdown menu. Once you’re finished, select the save icon at top right.

auto schedule a call in BuddyCRM

On save, a notification will be shown and your activity will move into the list below.

see scheduled activities in BuddyCRM

So now when you close an opportunity as you normally would…

opportunity closed window in BuddyCRM

The call window to remind you to make a call will automatically appear.

This is where you can set a reminder when you want to.  For example in six months’ time to contact a client again to see how they are with their service, keep in contact and potentially therefore gaining future business by staying in contact.

schedule courtesy call shown in BuddyCRM

How to…Complete a Mass Upload of Contacts

Completing a mass upload of contacts on BuddyCRM can often be useful if you would like to add a number of secondary contacts to an upload of leads or accounts. You cannot upload a contact to BuddyCRM unless you are linking it to an account or lead that already exists. A primary contact can be added at the point of uploading leads or accounts.

Each record in BuddyCRM has a unique Account # and you will need these to upload your contacts and link them to a particular record. This can be done by selecting Reports in BuddyCRM, then General Reports and Record List by Field Selection. 


Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 16.36.32


Now tick Account Name and Account # and Next. This will generate a report of your accounts and their corresponding account # Export this to Excel by clicking on this icon to create what I will call ‘Excel Sheet 1’ Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 16.40.13


You can then manually extract the Account # for the records you wish to append contacts to.


Create an Excel Spreadsheet ‘ Excel Sheet 2’  with these columns:

  • Account/lead #
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Job Title (optional)
  • Email (optional)

Save this as a Windows CSV file.

Now return to BuddyCRM, select the Admin icon and then Data Management and ImportCSV.

admin menu item in BuddyCRM

import csv in admin section of BuddyCRM


Then select Upload Contact CSV before browsing for and selecting ‘Excel Sheet 2’.

upload contacts in the admin section of BuddyCRM

Map the columns headers in the screen that follows. Click Validate and if there are no problems with the data, you can then select Validate and Save and your contacts will save to your selected records. Remove any special characters and symbols before validation.

If you have a lot of data and adding the account # manually would be a big job, you can use a ‘Vlookup’ to look up the account numbers for your data. To do this add a extra column in the start of ‘Excel Sheet 2’ for company name. This must match the company name in Buddy exactly. Then you can perform a vlookup between sheet 1 and sheet 2 to add the Account # to sheet 2. Help on vlookups can be found here This then automatically gets the account # into the spreadsheet to upload. If you feel more adventurous, you could extract the e-mail domain from a contact and match on that instead. We are happy to advise on more complex and detailed ways to help keep your database clean.

Data uploading is always the hardest part of any database system so if you need help, please email We love data so would be happy to help check your files prior to uploading.


How to…Complete a Mass Upload of Leads or Accounts

Select the Admin icon in the Buddy Bar, followed by Data Management and ImportCSV in BuddyCRM.

admin menu item in BuddyCRM


import csv in admin section of BuddyCRM

From here, you should select either Upload Account CSV or Upload Lead CSV.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.10.46

You should prepare your data in an Excel Spreadsheet and save it as a CSV file. There are certain mandatory fields that will need to be completed:

  • Company Name
  • Owner email (i.e.sales person)
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Account profile
  • Rating type (for accounts)
  • Lead Source
  • Lead Status (for leads)
  • Contact Frequency

Ensure that there are no commas within the data.

Once your data is prepared, select Choose File and select the spreadsheet you wish to upload.


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.39.06

In this example, I have shown a record I wish to upload to BuddyCRM that is a lead.


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.38.03


Once I have selected this file, the data will appear in BuddyCRM.


The next step is to match all of the BuddyCRM fields with the fields I have uploaded.


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 16.41.54


In this example, I have already matched Owner Email ID and Company Name, I now need to match all the other fields. Once this is done, click Validate. BuddyCRM will tell you if all the records are valid or if there were any issues with the data. If there are no problems with the data, then click Validate and Save and your records will now be saved in your BuddyCRM.

What are Pre-Set Objectives and how can they help you?

Pre-set objectives help you track what types of activity you and your team are creating or completing. This encourages best practice by standardising activity objectives. These objectives can cover things like “Deliver Quote” and “Introductory Meeting” – whatever suits your business.

To create pre-set objectives, visit the customisation area of the ADMIN tab and select “Customise Activities”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 20.03.23

To add an objective, type in the objective box and tick the orange boxes at the top to confirm which type of activity (Appointment, Call, Task) it applies to – or a combination of any 2, or all 3.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 20.03.29


To save, remember to click on the orange save icon in the top right hand corner.

Once created, when you or a team member create a new activity, the objective boxes with autofill with the pre-set objectives, or press space to view all available. As always, you can still type free text into this box if you do not want a pre-set objective.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 20.04.20


Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 20.04.39If you need any help, please drop us an email at


Why won’t my Records Upload – Quick fixes to common issues

Uploading lists of accounts, leads or contacts en-masse can be a daunting process. If at all unsure, we encourage you to ask for help via However, here are some common issues that you can face and how to fix them. Most relate to excel and having a good knowledge of excel is always useful!

1. Commas or Apostrophes. These cannot be in the CSV document or it will not load. Remove by doing a quick replace (Ctrl+H in excel)

2. Save as a CSV, not XLS or XLSX.  If using a Mac then please select “CSV (Windows Comma Delimited)”

3. Only have as many columns in the CSV as you intend to upload, remove any extras before you start

4. Ensure that all Mandatory fields are mapped – for example for Accounts, the following are needed: Owner, Company Name, Contact Title, Contact First Name, Contact Lastname, Account Profile, Rating, Lead Source and Contact Frequency

5. If uploading new records, only one contact can be uploaded when creating a Lead or Account. To add more, first create the Account or Lead with the primary contact and then use the Contact CSV upload to add the extra contacts

6. If updating records or contacts, ensure you have the ACC# or CONTACT# number in the CSV so Buddy knows where to put the data

7. If uploading a lot of data, it will be paged into batches of 100 automatically. You will need to validate and save each page to upload, not just the first page

90% of the preparation is done in Excel. Taking the time means your BuddyCRM database will be clean and lovely to use!