How to…Delete a Record

Find the record you wish to delete by using the search bar

search results screen in desktop version of BuddyCRM


share this record in BuddyCRMAt the top of the record card you will see the trashcan icon  to delete this record.

Click this button and a pop-up will appear to ask ‘Are you sure you wish to delete the record?’, select ‘Ok’ and the record will be deleted.

To re-instate a deleted record, go to the Data Management tab of the Admin menu.

How to…Create and Edit a Contact

Search for the record you wish to add a contact to by using the search bar.

search results screen in desktop version of BuddyCRM


Once you have found the correct record, click on the company name to take you to the Record Card. 

share this record in BuddyCRM

Locate the Contacts bar on the left hand side of the record card. All contacts will be listed here. In this example, Elaine Hedders is the main contact, indicated by the star icon .

contacts sidebar on the record card of BuddyCRM

Should you wish to add a contact, click

A pop-up will appear where you can add the details of any additional contact.


Add contact from the record card of BuddyCRM

Click Save to save the contact to the record.

Should you wish to edit a contact, click on the contact name. A pop-up will appear with all the details for this contact so they can be easily viewed.

contacts edit pop up on BuddyCRM


In order to edit this record, select . This icon will only appear if you have edit rights to this record. You are then able to edit all details. Don’t forget to click Save when you are finished!

edit the details of an existing contact on BuddyCRM

If you wish to change your main contact, click the star next to the contact you wish to be your main contact , click it and it will turn to  and move to the top of the contacts list, indicating that this is now the main contact.

change main contact on record card in BuddyCRM

How to…Add a Contact who is not associated with a Company

Our product is setup to be simple to use. We work with businesses who are selling B2B and as such, you can’t have a contact that does not belong to an account or a lead. If a contact for example, moves company, you can move that contact to a different lead or account by editing that contact.

How to…Add a Note to a Record

Search for the relevant record by using the search bar in BuddyCRM.

search results screen in desktop version of BuddyCRM


lead details record screen of BuddyCRM

Click the plus icon  in the activity feed and select Add Note.

add note to a record in BuddyCRM


A box will appear where you can add free text. Click on Add Note and the note will be saved to your Activity Feed.

add note box on the record card in BuddyCRM



How to…Create and Edit an Opportunity

To Create an Opportunity, search for the account you wish to add the opportunity to. Select the Opportunity tab on the Record Card.

opportunity tab in BuddyCRM

Add an opportunity to this account by pushing the plus icon and then completing the form below.

add an opportunity from the account record in BuddyCRM

Once you have added an opportunity, you can add additional comments to it, link a product to the opportunity, view any activities relating to this opportunity and change any contact roles relating to the opportunity.

To add a comment on an opportunity, dial down the opportunity by clicking the arrow icon , click into the comments box – write your comment and push Enter.

adding a comment to an opportunity

The comment will appear in a dated list.

list of comments in an opportunity in BuddyCRM

If you would like to link a product to your opportunity, start typing your product into the field (or press space to bring up a list of all products available). Select the one you want, click the plus icon  and it will appear in your linked products section.

list of products to link to an opportunity in BuddyCRM


product added to an opportunity in BuddyCRM


Any Activities related to this opportunity will appear in the Activity area at the bottom.


You can Add Contact Roles to this opportunity, for example if you have a Sales Manager listed as a contact on this account and they are the main decision maker for this opportunity, you can add this to your Contact Roles section. Simply click on the plus icon  next to Contact Roles.

A pop-up will appear, select the contact you wish to add and click Add


add a contact to an opportunity in BuddyCRM



You can click in the role box and add your own role such as ‘Decision Maker’, click out of the box and this will be saved against your opportunity.

Your Opportunities will be shown at the top of the Opportunity tab and they will also by shown in your Activity Feed. In order to edit your opportunity, click on the name of the opportunity and it will ‘dial down’ to display it.

edit opportunity in BuddyCRM


To edit the main details of the opportunity, click the pencil icon  in the top right. The popup will allow you to edit the details and update the progress of the opportunity.

Should you wish to mark the opportunity as Won or Lost, click on the buttons Won or LostBuddyCRM will update your details and your opportunity will appear as a closed opportunity on your Opportunity Tab. A tick or cross will display next to the opportunity to indicate won or lost respectively.

closed opportunities shown in BuddyCRM

You can continue to edit details in the closed opportunity by clicking the name of the opportunity and pushing the edit button . The opportunity can also be re-opened if required by clicking the re-open button.

re-open an opportunity in BuddyCRM

How to…Upload a Document to a Record

When you click on the Documents tab on an Account’s record card, any linked documents will appear here.

list of documents show on an account record card in BuddyCRM

You can upload or link a document to an opportunity by clicking on the plus icon .  A popup will open allowing you to upload your documents to the account. Drag and drop or click the box to use the file browser to add your documents. A thumbnail will appear of your documents. Push Upload to complete and send the documents to BuddyCRM.

document thumbnails in document uploads shown in BuddyCRM


updated list of documents shown in BuddyCRM