How to…View details for a team or a specific team member

If you have suitable permissions in place, you will be able to view the details for the whole team or any team members. To do this, simply select the team/person you wish to view, followed by the refresh button.

change member activities viewed in homepage of BuddyCRM

The homepage will update to show the figures for this team/person.

change the view on screen to the team member of your choice in BuddyCRM

You can also use this method in Calendar.

change member activities viewed in calendar of BuddyCRM

How to… Standard Search in BuddyCRM

No matter where you are in BuddyCRM, it is quick and easy to search. You can search for a Company (account or prospect), a Contact, an Opportunity or a Case.

The search bar is located at the top of the screen. There are two types of search available, Standard search and PAL search. This article shows you how to perform a standard search.

Standard Searching

A normal search is designed for you to search for leads and companies to find them quickly. As shown I have begun to type the record I wish to open and the search function has picked this up.

standard search in buddycrm

If the term you are looking for is shown in the drop down, click it and you will be taken to its record card.

masters golf record card from a search term in BuddyCRM

As you type, search results are shown automatically. If there is likely to be many results for a search term push ‘enter’ or the magnifying glass to conduct the search. A list of results will show. In the below example, there are 50 results for bell in companies and 10 in contacts. You can further filter to show only those items you are interested in by clicking on the filter result for just companies, contacts, opportunity or cases.

results for bell search term in BuddyCRM

A search for ABC has resulted in two records being displayed and an opportunity – displayed below.

search results for the term abc in BuddyCRM

You can determine the fields displayed in search results by clicking the cog settings icon in the top right of the search result. A popup screen will display and allow you to change the fields shown. Ensure you push the update button to save your new configuration.

search field customisation for results shown in BuddyCRM


Standard searching is best used when looking for a particular Company, Contact, Opportunity or Case.